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Who is Lexington Computer Recycling LLC?

Lexington Computer Recycling LLC has been in the Recycling world for 12 years.  As a company we have learned a lot about Recycling.  We have a passion for electronics and have chosen that as a target focus area. At Lexington Computer Recycling LLC we take great satisfaction in seeing electronics make the full life cycle like any other recyclable. The recycling industry is evolving and we would like to be the first place businesses call for help with their e-recycling needs.


Our company is here for when your business outgrows its older technology.  Only a small fraction of electronic devices produced are appropriately recycled at their end of life.  At Lexington Computer Recycling LLC we want to fix that an make it easy for businesses to do so.


A word from Owner, Shane McClintock "In a rapidly changing world of innovation and technology, Lexington Computer Recycling LLC is here to pick up the pieces that changing technology leaves behind."